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Dranuur Fleet Colony

Posted: October 3rd, 2017, 9:40 pm
by daBelgrave
I'm an explorer. I like to see everything on the map if I can get to it. In this case, I made it to the top of the highest possible point on the map (outside the invisible walls). Let's start there.
At lower elevations, the sky is quite picturesque.
One can also get a good view of the colony compound area from this mid-range altitude.
There is a waterfall behind the compound.
This is also a good place for a shower.
WARNING: Rocks are slippery when wet, and it's a long way down to your death.
The end.

Re: Dranuur Fleet Colony

Posted: October 23rd, 2017, 9:41 pm
by Arion
Needs more heads on sticks.