Crew Manifest - USS Solzhenitsyn

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Crew Manifest - USS Solzhenitsyn

Postby Lizzy » July 13th, 2014, 5:34 pm

I've been working on a Ship's Manifest for my crew. It's not quite complete yet, but let me know what you think thus far:
Crew Manifest v1.0.doc
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My ship is an Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit (Nebula Class). It has a crew of 750, but i've only done about 700 so far.
Here is the Key:

Ranks are given one of these Codes:
O5 = Captain
O4 = Commander
O3 = Lieutenant commander
O2 = Lieutenant
O1 = 2nd Lieuntenant - Ensign
E5 = Master Chief Petty Officer/Color Sergeants
E4 = Senior Chief Petty Officer/Sergeants
E3 = Chief Petty Officer
E2 = Petty Officer, 1st Class
E1 = Petty Officer, 2nd Class
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Re: Crew Manifest - USS Solzhenitsyn

Postby Arion » July 13th, 2014, 10:34 pm

"Sexual surrogates," a "Bugler/Colour Sergeant," and a "Legal officer"?

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Re: Crew Manifest - USS Solzhenitsyn

Postby daBelgrave » July 14th, 2014, 9:16 am

Assuming everyone on the ship works in 8 hour shifts, you will need 3 of each specialization.

Also, some of the specializations you have listed are unnecessary. For example, there is no actual Color Sergeant; it's just someone filling that role on the rare occasion that warrants an actual parade or ceremony. Even in cases where parades and ceremonies are commonplace, the Color Sergeant would be someone just filling the role, usually with their specialization in something else. Or maybe you already thought about this and are listing the positions without listing them with the actual specializations filling them.

So unless you regularly hold parades to check the legal status of sexual surrogates...

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